Police Station Representation

This is arguably the most important stage of criminal proceedings for individuals who find themselves subject to a police investigation. The advice an individual receives can shape and determine whether the police have enough evidence to present to the reviewing officer or Crown Prosecution Service in the determination of a charge.  Putting forward an alibi or advising a client to answer ‘no comment’ for strategic reasons is one of the decisions us, as skilled lawyers and representatives, must make at the police station.

Police station representation is free of charge. It is important that if you do not buy into the myth that your solicitor will only delay you being released. In fact, without having legal advice in person, could mean you are detained for a longer period than necessary. The police are trained in their practices and procedures. You too are entitled to a skilled person equally trained in police powers and procedures. Please ensure you contact us for representation at the police station.

If you are currently on police bail awaiting return to the police station, please contact us. We will make efforts to contact the police on your behalf to find out what will happen when you next attend.  We are also happy to discuss your outstanding investigation with you.

EMERGENCY NUMBER 07709 431 885